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...without Overwhelm, Confusion, or Tech holding you back!

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The Ultimate Podcast Launch Toolkit

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Hi, I'm Krystal...

An overcaffeinated podcast enthusiast that's been labeled "Geekiest podcast person I know" by my friends.
(A title I wear proudly!)
But it's been a long, windy road...

And I know YOU need...

  • A SIMPLE step-by-step plan to follow
  • ā€‹Equipment recs that won't break the bank
  • Some help with the tech 
  • And, of course, a Launch Plan

Brittany Bennion

Posed for Success
Previous Student

"My podcast helps me show up as the expert that I am and has boosted my confidence."

Suzanne Bazarko

Feelings Fitness Podcast
Previous Student

"I officially have a podcast out in the world that I put together and launched in just a little over 30 days..."

Apryl Bradford

Little Miss Coursepreneur
Previous Student

"I love the way you teach and the energy you bring..."

What's Inside the Toolkit?

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  • There IS a step-by-step process to follow
  • ā€‹You CAN start a podcast without breaking the bank (and sound great!)
  • ā€‹The tech doesnā€™t have to be scary
  • ā€‹There is a way to launch your podcast to the world (and feel confident doing it!)

No more Googling "how to podcast"...

Drop the confusion & overwhelm!

Purchase the Toolkit Today for $37 (USD)!

One last thing...

I know that trying something new isn't easy.

Even if you've been an entrepreneur for a while, stepping out of your comfort zone ain't a walk in the park.

But I also know that starting my podcast helped me find my people - those passionate people that get me. 

I no longer feel alone in the online world. I have my podcast peeps that I get to hang out with every single week!

And I know that if I can do this - a SAHM with just an important message to share...

YOU can too.

No matter what you choose as your next step, I want you to remember...

Keep it up.
We all have to start somewhere!