STOP the Overwhelm of Planning Every Week!

Create One Year of Podcast Content in Less Than One Hour


If you’re a podcaster that teaches, coaches, or educates on your show...

And you're looking to generate consistent content while feeling confident that each episode resonates with your audience, then you're ready to register for my brand new masterclass!


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    What should I talk about?

    What does my audience want to hear?

    How can I come up with new ideas?

    I remember asking myself these questions often when I first started podcasting. I was frustrated planning over and over and over again.

    I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I had an entire year of content already planned?"

    That's when I developed my one-year content strategy.

    By the end of this training,

    you'll have…


    • One Year Worth of Podcast Content (52+ Episodes)

      No more scrambling to create content every week! Simply look at your content ideas and start recording.
    • Podcast Ideas Specific to Your Audience

      We'll work through what your audience wants to hear from you most and how to deliver that to them every week.
    • Ideas & Inspiration for Other Types of Content

      Once you know and understand the strategies I'm teaching in this masterclass, you can apply them to social media, your weekly emails, and any other type of content.

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    One Year of Podcast Content in One Hour

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      Podcast Success Stories

      "I love the way you teach and the energy you bring..."

      "I hadn’t created a podcast before or used Audacity, so I wanted to learn it all. 

      Podcasting is still takes a lot of time, but it’s not hard. I actually love podcasting!"

      -Apryl Bradford (Previous Student), The Course Creator's Classroom Podcast

      [BEFORE] "I knew I wanted to podcast, but had no clue how to do it..."

      [NOW] "My podcast helps me to show up as the expert that I am and has boosted my confidence. Each week the podcast gets easier and I love watching my download numbers increase! It's kind of addicting!"

      -Brittany Bennion (Previous Student), Posed for Success Podcast

      "Launched in just a little over 30 days..."

      "I officially have a podcast out in the world that I put together & launched in just a little over 30 days. Let me preface that by saying, I was a total newbie to all of the technology!

      - Suzanne Bazarko (Previous Student), Feelings Fitness Podcast

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Questions new podcasters ask about creating content in their first year...

        "She’s a total go-getter."

        "[Krystal] She's making moves...and I love working with her...because she actually takes action!

        ...We love to see our students actually take action on the advice we give them. 

        Krystal's a perfect example of somebody who's doing so."

        - Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Episode#271

        Meet Your Instructor...

        Hi, I'm Krystal! Host of the award-winning show, The Proffitt Podcast.

        Teaching entrepreneurs how to create podcasts their audience will crave is my mission! Between my weekly & daily podcasts, I've published more than 300+ podcast episodes - and counting. Content creation is my jam!

        So if you're struggling with creating content for your show, you're definitely in the right place.

        I can't wait to see you inside the masterclass!


          "The ripple effect can be far beyond what we can imagine."

          My podcast is for grieving Moms...
          And to show the impact you can have...I launched my podcast 2 months ago...I've crossed the 1,500 download mark - in two months?!?!
          ...I have listeners on every continent, and in countries all around the world.
          I didn't start with any big list or audience. I had virtually no online presence...yet, my podcast is having this kind of reach.
          If I can do this, with such a tiny niche, no tech background but more tech challenges than you can imagine, being 60 years old and at the time being less than 18 months out from my son's passing, anyone can do this. Seriously.
          Thank you, Krystal, for your guidance, role-modeling, expertise, and seeing me and what I'm doing. It means the world to me.
           - Lori Latimer, Grief with Grace for Grieving Moms Podcast (Member of Poddy People & Previous Client)