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 ...to the Business Booster Bundle, a mini-course developed for creators and online business owners who want to maximize the impact of their content & optimize their digital product launches.

What's the key to simplifying tasks and streamlining operations for success? Tracking your numbers.

When you track your numbers, there are three BIG benefits:

  1. Gain insights to identify growth opportunities & maximize performance.
  2. Drive success by making informed decisions & optimizing strategies.
  3. Save time & effort by managing all aspects of your business & content.

This is why I included my most important trackers in this year's Business Booster Bundle.

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting, this training will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to stand out in the competitive online world.

 If this training were available to the public, it would easily be $97+, but you get ALL the value in this year’s BC Stack.


Hi, I'm Krystal --
A Podcast Coach, Content Strategist, & host of the award-winning show The Proffitt Podcast. I teach entrepreneurs how to create content with confidence.

After publishing more than 1,300+ podcast episodes, helping HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs, writing a best-selling book on podcasting, and breaking into the Top 20 "How to" in the Apple Charts...
I know what it takes to create with confidence.

My expertise is teaching the basics of content creation, editing, branding, and marketing through my podcast, digital courses, and YouTube channel dedicated to content creation. I've also appeared as a Content Expert for Buzzsprout, Amy Porterfield, ConvertKit, and Streamyard.

Content creation is my love language.

So, I can't wait to share some of my passion and wisdom with you on the inside.

See you soon!

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