For podcasters who want to grow their show -- because you know your content is NOT getting the attention it deserves!


What if you could wake up 6 weeks from now with...

1. An action plan for your podcast 
2. Real strategies for success
3. Personalized feedback on your podcast...

Without wondering, "Is this still worth it?" 

With The Poddy People™ Co-Op, you'll get all of that -- but wait! There's more...


Just in case we haven't met,

Hi, I’m Krystal...

– and yes, Proffitt is my real last name! (I made my husband show me his ID when we met. Our last name is legit.)

And I might be the most *podcast-obsessed* person you’ll meet – online or IRL! Since I started podcasting in 2018, I realized I had a gift. I was given the ability to help people who help people - just like you.

  • Coaches helping students
  • Mentors educating beginners
  • Thought leaders sharing their own mistakes (so others avoid the same pain and setbacks)

Join us in this 6-week group coaching program created to optimize your content and grow your platform.

With a little dash of confidence, a smidge of tough love, and a heaping serving of enthusiasm…

I’ve created a recipe for podcasters that anyone can recreate! And let me tell ya, it’s best served with a warm side of SEO and a marketing salad full of opportunities. (And now I’m hungry…can you pass the Ranch?)


The Poddy People™ Co-Op the only group coaching program of its kind that not only teaches you how to amplify your platform but also makes sure all of your content is optimized for performance – getting you more organic traffic (for free!) on a regular basis.

Before I spill all the juicy details about this brand new program, let’s talk about who this program was created for.

If you're a:

  • Solo podcaster that’s trying to optimize your website and show notes...

  • Podcast host that wants to build your network strategically with collaborations...

  • Business owner that’s ready to use your podcast to generate more leads...

If you said, “That’s ME!” to any of these, you’re in the right place!


Wins from Podcasters!

Here are a few success stories from previous students, clients, and podcasters in our community!

The Poddy People™ Co-Op will equip you with the resources, motivation, & support you need.

By the end of our 6-weeks together, you will have…

  • Identified your target growth strategies for your platform.
  • Optimized your platform so that every piece of content is strategic.
  • Created a 6-month plan to increase your listeners and create raving fans.
  • An expert-level podcast audit revealing any growth gaps or potential opportunities.
  • Implemented systems and processes to make creating consistent content easy-peezy.
  • Developed marketing skills to get new listeners to your podcast.

When you enroll in The Poddy People™ Co-Op, you’ll get:

  • 6-Weeks of Group Coaching for the focused time you need to take massive action with your platform. $1,500 Value
  • Expert-Level, Customized Podcast Audit where I’ll get my eyes on your podcast, comb through all of the details of your show, and provide feedback on opportunities for growth and improvement. $750 Value
  • BONUS: One 15 minute 1:1 Private Coaching Session with me. $75 Value 

When you add everything up, that’s a value of $2,325 USD.


Total Value: $2,325 USD


But when you join us today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


Due Monthly





(and Save a Few $$)

Full Pay


Here’s what you can expect

over our 6-week sessions:

The message you share in your content doesn’t always align with what potential audience members are seeing when they interact with your content.

In our first weekly session, we’ll take a look at how successful brands align their content and why overlooking an “overall brand” strategy can result in stunting your growth.

You’ll hold your own brand under the microscope to see what potential listeners experience and even get the opportunity for helpful peer feedback.


  • Learn the most critical elements to create your successful brand.
  • Discover any branding misalignments – and how to fix them quickly!
  • Create a brand style guide that you’ll refer to over and over again.

Whether you’re a solo creator or have a creative team at your disposal, you’ll learn tips and strategies for how to engage your audience in the most crucial moments.

From how having a website legitimizes your platform to how sending a weekly email to your audience can increase shares and listens, I’m sharing all of my strategies for growth.

You’ll get a full behind-the-scenes tour of my processes and content strategies that work in my business every day.


  • Understand the 3 ways I’ve leveraged a website: for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level creator

  • Learn specific ways to talk about your content on social in a way that doesn’t annoy your audience

  • Get access to templates and swipe copy to include in your own content

If you’ve ever said, “I want my content to be on the first page of Google!...”, then you’ll love the organic reach strategies in this session.

We’ll cover how SEO and discoverability play a big role in platform growth and how small tweaks to existing content can make potential listeners more likely to click “Play”.

You’ll get a step-by-step tutorial on how I’ve optimized my content to appear in “search results” and how organic traffic is the biggest contributing factor to my platform growth.


  • Learn how to optimize your content for maximum discoverability. No more wondering, “Did I do it right?”
  • Create a system using an SEO checklist to optimize all current and future content.
  • Discover new ways to have your content growing on autopilot.

There is power in your ability to connect with not only your audience but others in your network. Whether it be peers, industry experts, or creators producing similar content, learning how to leverage your network is crucial to growth.

In this session, we’ll explore ways to connect with potential guests, companies to align with, and how to set your sights on the right collaborations for strategic growth.

We’ll discuss specific examples of how I’ve teamed up with experts in my industry to gain authority as well as talk about how to find similar opportunities in your area of expertise.


  • Explore relationships already in your network that can help grow your platform – without taking advantage of any relationships! 
  • Find potential collaborations and growth opportunities to focus on for the next 6 months.
  • Create a plan for building relationships that will contribute to your overall platform growth.

Creating content is one thing. But creating content that your audience can’t wait to listen to is on a whole new level. 

We’ll talk about what makes content “binge-worthy” and how to keep creating content that continues to be valuable to your audience – today and in the future.

This session will also cover how to keep your content evolving as your audience grows and changes over time.


  • Make connections with your audience beyond just being in their earbuds.
  • Creating an engaged community for listeners to connect with you and each other.
  • How to take a listener from a casual listener to a raving fan.

One of the most asked questions I hear is, “How do I actually make money with a podcast?” Well, don’t let that be a mystery to you any longer.

In this week’s session, we’re covering how to monetize not only your podcast content but anything you create.

We’ll talk about building proper sales funnels that serve your current audience as well as how evergreen content can continue to grow your business if done strategically.

We’re diving into the specifics of content marketing done right and how you don’t have to have thousands of listeners and millions of downloads to start monetizing your content.


  • Specific “money-making” opportunities to look for.
  • Why content can see slow growth but a larger payoff in the future.
  • How to add revenue-generating strategies to your entire platform – not just your podcast.

MORE Wins from Podcasters!

Enroll in The Poddy People™ Co-Op Today...


Due Monthly





(and Save a Few $$)

Full Pay



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